Alexander Daerr

For organ manualiter


Meditation (from the Latin meditatio, to meditari “to think, ponder, reflect”) is an important form of experience and way of life in many cultures and religions, whereby the ultimate goal of meditative practice is the direct experience of the divine, to allow the mind and thinking to come to rest in order to uncover the “one primordial ground”. The search for this “one primordial ground” is the search for the divine part in every human being. Music can facilitate access to the inner world.
The “7 Meditations for Organ” are conceived in such a way that each of the meditations can cause different “strings” to vibrate within the listener through different characters and moods, without drawing too much attention to the music itself. On the other hand, it was important to the composer not only to compose pure meditation music, but also to create works of art that are free of the banal.
As this edition is designed for manual playing, all works can be played on single-manual instruments. Basic 8′ parts are sufficient for the registration.

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Music book or PDF

Music book, PDF