Alexander Daerr

Alexander Därr

Alexander Daerr has studied the following subjects at the university of music in Nueremberg, Germany: Organ, improvisation, drums and composition.
Further courses of studies like harpsichord, piano, old music, historical performance practice, conducting and pedagogy has broadened his skills.
He finished his studies in Nuremberg with a pedagogical diploma, an artist dipoloma, organ diploma (Bachelor) and Master class diploma.
Further organ master courses followed after his studies with Prof. Lorenzo Ghilemi (Milan, Italy), with Prof. Daniel Roth (Paris, France) and with Michael Schönheit (Lepzig, Germany).
Alexander Daerr’s activities include among other things freelance international activities as a concert organist, composer, conductor, music teacher and music coach.
As composer, processor and issuer, Mr. Daerr has published more than 450 compositions in different music publishing companies and finished commissioned works for the Jena Philharmonic, the North German Philharmonic Rostock, the Leipzig Gewandhaus, the Mersebrug Organ Days (Merseburger Orgeltage), Orchestre symphonique de Montréal/Kanada.
He also shares his versatile musicial works as componist with CDs, TV and radios productions e.g. with the Central German Broadcasting MDR (Mitteldeutschen Rundfunk) and the Bavarian Radio (Bayerischer Rundfunk).
Alexander Daerr has been director and lecturer at the musicantum Akademie since 2005.

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